Prevention of malnutrition during the 1,000-day period


  • 20g sachet
  • Prevents malnutrition and contributes to healthy child development
  • For children aged 6 to 24 months
  • 1 sachet / day / child

Recognized as one of the 11 most effective interventions to address child malnutrition*

*Source :, 2021.

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Lipid-based nutritional supplements – Small Quantity (LNS-SQ) such as Enov’Nutributter®+ have joined the list of internationally recognised nutritional interventions to improve infant nutrition (Lancet, 2021).

In populations where infant undernutrition is prevalent and where the quality of the diet is inadequate, Enov’Nutributter®+ helps to compensate for the deficiencies in the complementary diet. It provides all the micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) and essential fatty acids needed for children’s growth.

Given with the complementary food to children aged 6-23 months, Enov’Nutributter®+ reduces :

  • 12% less stunting and 17% less severe stunting,
  • wasting by 14% and severe wasting by 31%,
  • anaemia by 16% and iron deficiency anaemia by 64%,
  • developmental delays of 16-19%,
  • and the risk of all-cause mortality by 27%.

Enov’Nutributter®+ does not interfere with breastfeeding or complementary feeding.



Does not replace a varied and nutritious diet or breastfeeding. Breastfeeding immediately after birth, exclusively for the first 6 months, is recommended for at least 24 months.



Enov’Nutributter®+ nutritional values per 20 g sachet
Total energy 118 kcal Copper 0,3 mg Vitamin B1 0,3 mg
Proteins 2,8 g Iron 6 mg Vitamin B2 0,4 mg
Lipids 9,4 g Iodine 90 µg Vitamin B6 0,3 mg
Carbohydrates Selenium 20 µg Vitamin B12 0,5 µg
Calcium 280 mg Sodium Vitamin K 30 µg
Phosphorus 196 mg Vitamin A 400 µg Biotin 9 µg
Potassium 200 mg Vitamin D 5 µg Folic acid 133 µg DFE
Magnesium 40 mg Vitamin E 4 mg α-TE Pantothenic acid 1,8 mg
Zinc 8 mg Vitamin C 15 mg Niacin 4,0 mg



Eat&Play box

Receive your order in cardboard packaging Eat & Play Box.

Assembly is simple and intuitive. In addition to nutritional care, this playful and eco-responsible solution stimulates children’s cognitive and social-emotional development.




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