Responding to emergencies and humanitarians, and being able to offer the products of tomorrow, requires us to be constantly on the lookout for flexibility and industrial optimisation.

At Nutriset, our mission is to guarantee production capacity that exceeds demand and anticipate future needs. The ongoing development of our business means that we are constantly adapting our industrial facilities to meet all demands. We have succeeded in implementing an agile industrial business model throughout all along our value  chain, based on innovative initiatives and the exceptional commitment of our employees.


Our production levels are relatively unpredictable: we can go from 30% to 140% load in a matter of days.

Sébastien Decubber
Deputy Executive Director, Nutriset




Because the populations we reach are among the most vulnerable in the world, quality must be at  the heart of our business!

For Nutriset, the complete satisfaction of those involved in nutrition programmes is an essential objective. This is why our company is committed to implementing, maintaining and developing a management system that guarantees the quality and safety of foodstuffs.

Our control of microbiological and nutritional quality extends from the selection of raw material suppliers right through to the inspection of finished products. We also pay particular attention to environmental management.


Nutriset, a digital factory

Sébastien Decubber looks back at the digital transformation of our factory and presents the new perspectives.

Data in process at Nutriset

We use real-time data to optimise our processes, improve product quality and increase operational efficiency.

Woodstock, reusing pallets

We are optimising the re-use of wooden pallets to transport our nutritional solutions.

Digital batch file with Juno

To improve batch tracking and traceability, processes are now digital.

Real-time visibility with Wakeo

We offer our customers a real-time tracking platform for all shipments.

Digital recording and analysis of faults with Teeptrack

We use a solution that assists our teams in recording stoppages and analysing breakdowns.

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