Nutritional support for communities and families


  • 4 kg bucket
  • Intended for mass catering
  • To combat undernutrition in the elderly

Cooking for renutrition!

A high-protein, high-calorie paste enriched with vitamins and minerals to enrich sweet, savoury, hot or cold dishes. 80g of Appéti'mix™ provides your recipes with: 480 kcal, 30g of protein and 1/3 of the recommended nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals.
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The features
Unique nutritional
Pleasure of eating
Easy to use

Appéti’mix™, an innovative enriched culinary aid, helps healthcare and catering professionals strengthen their action to prevent and treat undernutrition in their patients and residents.

A unique nutritional density

80 g of Appéti’mix™ / day, spread over 3 to 4 meal components, provides :

  • 480 kcal, i.e. 6 kcal/g
  • 30 g of protein
  • 400 mg calcium
  • 5 µg vitamin D
  • 3 g of omega 3

High quality protein intake thanks to a complete amino acid profile and a PDCAAS of 1.

Preserving the pleasure of eating

Thanks to its neutral taste and cream colour, Appeti’mix™ can be used in a wide variety of sweet or savoury, hot or cold recipes.


Simple to use

It’s easy to use in the kitchen: a single product reference to prevent and combat undernutrition.

With its best-before date of 18 months and storage outside the cold chain before and after opening for up to 2 months, offers the catering service practical storage.

Instructions for use


The Sarcsa 2 study is currently being published.

This observational study evaluates the implementation of a new patient-centred management approach.

The initial results of Sarcsa 2 show a clear improvement in food intake and better coverage of patients’ energy and protein requirements. And acceptability is high: the proportion of enriched soups fully consumed, for example, is 68%, and 75% for desserts. And the cost of nutritional management is halved.

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