Diarrhea and dehydration


  • 67 mg tablet
  • Point-of-use water treatment
  • For a healthy population over 2 years old

The simple and effective solution for disinfecting water unfit for consumption

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Aquatabs® tablets provide targeted and effective protection against certain bacteria and viruses.

1 tablet of 67 mg potabilises 20 litres of water (10 litres in the case of turbid water).

Recommended dosages

Tablets are available in packs of 10 tablets in different formats depending on the volume and nature of the water to be treated (measured in particles per million – ppm).

Total weight of a tablet 55 mg 170 mg 334 mg
Weight of active substance in a tablet 33 mg 67 mg 167 mg
Residual chlorine content 21,3 mg 43,2 mg 107 mg
% of active substance 60 % 39,4 % 50 %
Concentration level per dose (mg/l; ppm) Water volume per individual tablet
1 ppm (creation of residual chlorine for clear water conveyed) 20 40 80
2 ppm (creation of residual chlorine for clear underground water) 10 20 40
5 ppm (creation of residual chlorine for turbid water) 5 10 20

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