Severe acute malnutrition (treatment)

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F-100 milk - rehabilitation phase of SAM treatment, according to the WHO protocol

400 g tin (enriched powdered milk to be reconstituted)

? Nutritional rehabilitation in case of Severe Acute Malnutrition under medical supervision

For any case of SAM with medical complication and/or without appetite

130 - 200 ml of reconstituted milk / kg / day

→ 130 - 200 kcal / kg / day divided into 3-4 weeks

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F-100 is a therapeutic milk powder


? For any case of severate acute malnutrition with medical complication and/or without appetite

Patients suffering from severe acute malnutrition that have an appetite and are without major medical complications can commence treatment with the aim of gaining weight (transition phase and phase 2).

Treatment can take place in both in-patient and out-patient settings: F-100 therapeutic milk should only be used for in-patient care, and Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (Plumpy’Nut®) can be used for both in- and out-patient care.


? To treat Severe Acute Malnutrition - Phase 2

F-100 therapeutic milk was specifically developed for the nutritional recovery of patients suffering from severe acute malnutrition, during phase 2 of the treatment protocol drawn up by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

F-100 therapeutic milk conforms to the specifications of nutritionists for the treatment of patients suffering from severe acute malnutrition (marasmus / severe wasting, kwashiorkor / oedematous malnutrition, mixed forms).

This product must be used in therapeutic renutrition centres with medical supervision, and must not be distributed directly to families.


>>> For phase 1, the so-called stabilization phase, F-75 therapeutic milk is preferably used.


F-100 therapeutic milk is not adapted for well-nourished children

Immediate breastfeeding after birth, exclusive during the first 6 months and recommended for at least 24 months.

Main nutritional values

F-100 therapeutic milk formula: elements for 100 ml of F-100 reconstituted milk*
Energy 100 kcal Copper 0.3 mg Vitamin B1 95 µg
Proteins (% of the total energy) 11% Iron < 0.07 mg Vitamin B2 0.3 mg
Lipids (% of the total energy) 51% Iodine 20 µg Vitamin B6 0.1 mg
Carbohydrates (% of the total energy) 38% Selenium 5.7 µg Vitamin B12 0.3 µg
Calcium 76 mg Sodium < 56 mg Vitamin K 2.8-9.5 µg
Phosphorus 76 mg Vitamin A 0.15-0.3 mg Biotin 11 µg
Potassium 228 mg Vitamin D 2.9-5.7 µg Folic acid 38 µg
Magnesium 21 mg Vitamin E 3.8-5.7 mg Pantothenic acid > 0.57 mg
Zinc 2.4 mg Vitamin C 9.5 mg Niacin > 0.95 mg

*The values given in this table are based on Nutriset's knowledge of the intrinsic nutrient content of the raw materials and their variability, as well as the variability of the process.