tackling malnutrition unga side event 2017
Representatives of the PlumpyField® network at the "Tackling Malnutrition" side event, organized during the 72nd UNGA

On September 20th, 2017, during the 72nd General Assembly, Nutriset and PlumpyField® partners, with the support of the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations, brought together key stakeholders in the fight against malnutrition and nutrition experts for a side event titled "Tackling malnutrition - How can policy makers and the private sector work better together?" held in Conference Room A of the UN Headquarters in New York, USA.

The discussions focused on the role that private sector can play and a review of the contributions of public-private partnerships in the fight against malnutrition.

This forum was an opportunity for Nutriset to present the PlumpyField® network, an initiative launched in 2005 to build the capacity of independent producers to manufacture ready-to-use nutritional solutions right in the countries where they are most needed. These products are used in the treatment and prevention of malnutrition, and comply with the highest international quality standards.

Together, the PlumpyField® partners are united by a common mandate to contribute to nutritional autonomy for all, in support of SDG 2: Zero Hunger.

In order to reach “Zero Hunger” by 2030, coordinated multi-stakeholder action is necessary at both international, national and local level. The positive contribution of the private sector is key to achieve the SDGs and tackle malnutrition.

The PlumpyField® partners based in coutries with high prevalence rates of acute and chronic malnutrition play an integral part in the government-led national programmes for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition. They are active participants in coordination forums, and identified as a key stakeholder to support humanitarian aid operations and health projects.

Beyond the impact of the products they manufacture in terms of nutrition, by sourcing raw materials locally and generating local employment linked to their production units and along the value chain, the PlumpyField® partners contribute positively to the social and economic development on their countries, making this an original business model in support to the SDG17 “Partnerships for the Goals” applied to the goal of Zero Hunger (SDG2).

At the 72nd UNGA nutrition played an important role, with a collective understanding that decisive action to increase investments in nutrition must be made to save and improve lives around the world.

Reflecting on existing public-private initiatives, such as that of Nutriset and PlumpyField®, the debates and discussions held during the side event "Tackling malnutrition - How can policy makers and the private sector work better together?" highlighted the role that public organizations can hold leading partnerships of a new kind, where nutrition-related projects save lives and respond to the health needs of communities, but are also designed to bring sustainable social and economic development locally and nationally.

List of guest speakers

Mr. Mamady CONDÉ - Ambassador of Guinea in the USA
Mr. Jean-Baptiste LEMOYNE - Secretary of State, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs
Ms. Lauren LANDIS - Director of Nutrition of the World Food Programme
Ms. Gerda VERBURG - UN ASG, SUN Movement Coordinator
Mr. Shawn BAKER - Direction of Nutrition, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Ms. Adeline LESCANNE-GAUTIER - Executive Director, NUTRISET
Ms. Hilina BELETE - Executive Director, Hilina Enriched Foods PLC

List of key participants

Mr. Andres BOTRAN - Presidential Commissioner for Reducing Chronic Malnutrition in Guatemala
Mr. Hisham YAGOUB, Executive Director, SAMIL Industrial
Mr. Axton SALIM, Executive Director, IndoFood
Mr. Gustavo BOSCO , Estudio Bosco Abogados
Mr. Christelle HURE, Head of Advocacy, ACF

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