Conference with Dana Diminescu, Catherine Wihtol de Wenden and Pierre Jacquemot.
Conference with Dana Diminescu, Catherine Wihtol de Wenden and Pierre Jacquemot.

On November 7th, 2017 Nutriset Group organized a series of thematic mini-conferences entitled "Populations in motion (and stopped)".

The event mobilized nearly 100 participants, gathered around three high-level expert speakers whose interventions set the tone for further reflections on the issues of contemporary migrations, the different modes of reception and accompaniment of the populations in movement (s) and the courses of these. These speakers were:

  • Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, Political scientist and sociologist at CNRS
  • Pierre Jacquemot, President of GRET, Economist of Africa
  • Dana Diminescu, Sociologist, Researcher at Télécom ParisTech (migration and digital)

Distributed in thematic salons, the participants interacted with the experts who provided a frame of reference, facts and numbers, and feedback based on academic research and field practice of humanitarian programs.

The questions addressed in these groups were:

  • Salon 1 "Accompany, supervise, contain migrations?" What migration policies in the North and in the South? Which institutional actors? What horizons for tomorrow?
  • Salon 2 "On the way, in a camp or a slum, what lifestyles?" Is culture, from food to tradition, what is left when one has lost everything else?
  • Salon 3 "Migrations 2.0" In the age of the Internet, Skype, drones and Big Data, what changes for migrants?


The theme of the evening was further explored through an art exhibition sharing the voices of three artists. One is a photographer, Marie Magnin. She presented her work "In the distance, England" shedding light on the daily lives of migrants encountered, first in Paris in a squatted abandoned high school, then in Calais in a slum called "the jungle". The second, Reem Yassouf, is a painter from Damascus and one of the most talented of the young generation of Syrian artists. Their works were completed by the sculptures of Jean-Marc De Pas, original terracotta from his exhibition entitled "Exodes".

The event was organised as part of a internal program of Nutriset Group, la  Roulotte de l'Imaginaire, which creates opportunities for all employees to deepen their knowledge and reflections on themes directly related to the strategic development axes of the companies within the group.

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